Fast and friendly Efficient service

At Cortez Drugs, we work to make picking up your medications easy and convenient. We fill your prescriptions while you wait in the store!

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Free Delivery

Can't make it to the store? We offer free prescription delivery to your home or office within 10 miles.

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Medication Services

Free Flavoring: We are a certified Flavorx pharmacy and offer free flavoring (This is the same flavoring the chains charge $2.99) to make it easier for our pediatric patients to take their medications such as antibiotic suspensions.

Compounding: Our well educated staff can compound custom, non-sterile dosage forms as creams, oral dosage forms etc.

Free ‘Life Clinic’: We offer free blood pressure charts for our patients at no cost.

Personalized Care

All major insurances accepted: We accept all major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare.

Personal Counseling: We care for our patients and pay special attention to populations such as HIV patients, transplant patients, and cancer patients

Special discounts for our uninsured patients: We offer best prices in town for most of the generics and brand named medications for cash patients.

Special Packaging

Cold Seal blister packs: We offer FREE Cold Seal bilster packs for our elderly or ALF patients.

Compared to a $3.00 charge at most of our competitors


Treat Yourself

  • We carry snacks, soda and ice cream!
  • Watch our web site for great deals and coupons on ice cream and other snacks.